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special farewell

extra special wild garden style floral farewells

We take great care in making all of our Farewell Florals & understand just how important it is for them to be right, Always creating them in our signature wild yet detailed, Garden like style.

We have a selection of designs, all are available in a choice of three different colour ways & available for either collection or local delivery. 

We also offer a full Bespoke Design service for an even more personal design - Please see bottom of page for more details.

       About our signature colour combos...     







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our beautiful femminine colour choice, filled to the brim with pastels, vintage hues and country garden style. colourful yet subtle & super pretty.

our brightest happy colour combination, with pops of colour throughout contrasting with dusky jewel shades. unusual country style stems & textures. colour love.

our most neutral colour choice creating a light and bright design. A mix of ivories, whites and light peach along with touches of sandy beige throughout. pure & simple.

 bespoke design service

We can also offer a full bespoke design service if you were looking for us to create something even more personal for your loved one. We can work with you to design pieces that are filled with favourites, memories & stories. Lula always enjoys creating designs that are so filled with love & meaning. This service is often used if you are looking for an extra special main tribute or a collection of different farewell designs.

We ask for a minimum spend of £450 for bespoke orders.

We can also create service & wake decorations

 Fully Biodegradable designs available if required

Email us to start to start your enquiry on

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Bespoke extra large casket spray created to completely cover wicker casket. completely filled with gorgeous blousy roses in subtle vintage hues along with extra special country filler flowers and scented herbs. Natural cow parsley was then added once arrangement was in place on casket to make it look as if it was growing.


Bespoke large casket spray filled with Rosey favourites including David Austin Roses and many other country garden rose varieties. Herbs and other scented florals also included along with beautiful fluffy filler flowers.


Bespoke large casket spray created for a gentleman in the Autumn months. Filled with textures and warmth, a mix of unusual country style florals & many added dried elements to create a wild still growing style.

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