Smell The Roses was founded by Lula Flack, a big lover of all things floral who has loved every second of working with flowers for just over a decade. Lula has a passion for very wild and rustic style creations and ofton describes her designs 'as if the flowers are still growing in the garden'.

Lula creates her floral art in a small workshop in Titchfield taking care and time on each and every design.


“After years of exploring new techniques and different styles I started to develop my own and felt I was ready to pursue my dream. Flowers and gardening have always played a big part in my life and from a very young age I can remember my fascination with flower arranging. I think it’s wonderful that we all get so much Joy out of the gifts that nature gives us, and we have done for centuries. I started studying flowers and floristry as soon as I left school and have never looked back, seeking floral jobs in top London Hotels, amazing Wedding & Events teams and busy Artisan florists to collect knowledge and learn quality skills along my journey.

I’ve also always loved the fact that every single stem I use is a unique creation all on its own, meaning every bouquet I’ve ever made has been different in its own way. I wanted to create a service to offer each and every customer a bespoke creation.Every bouquet is considered unique and thought about right down to the very last detail, colour and texture playing big parts in all the designs. Each creation is not just a floral arrangement, it’s a living piece of nature celebrating its life."