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A beautiful new forest wedding on a warm September day. Shirin and Mitch were a fab couple to work with, Shirin being an amazing singer who had sang at and seen a lot of weddings and Mitch being a Vegan chef who was fanatic about food both had lots of ideas on exactly how they wanted the florals and decor at their wedding to be.

The brief ended up being... Raspberry ripple floral lushness, this all started with deciding to use the Dolchetto rose which straight away reminded Shirin of ice cream, the colour combination grew from there... Using a whole load of raspberry tones along with different shades of purple, pale pinks, Lilacs and a touch of white. These were the perfect colours for their day and went well with the amethyst stone inspired touches they had added through their reception, for example their cake looked like a large edible freestanding amethyst stone. It really had the wow factor. As Mitch is a chef they thought it was important to have some bits in the flowers that shouted this, we added real raspberries and purple cabbages to each design so the flowers looked even more edible!

What was ordered - Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaids Bouquets, Bridesmaid Flower crowns, Buttonholes, Flower girl, Pew Ends, Ceremony aisle end, Fireplace Decoration, Table Decorations, Top table garland, Cake stems, Entrance and Seating plan flowers, Thank you Bouquets.

Month - September

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